Oct. 2020  

We obtained our lab's first crystal of mirror-image nucleic acid containing synthetic modification, and determined the left-handed high-resolution structure!

Sep. 2020  

We welcome Dr. Ying Zhang to join our lab as the postdoc researcher. Ying will work on the application of modified RNA nanoparticle in breast cancer treatment. Welcome, Ying!

Sep. 2020  

We welcome Mr. Dallas Kelm to join our lab as the LHSI student. Dallas will work on the chemical synthesis of modified mirror-image RNA molecule and its function characterization. Welcome, Dallas!

Mar. 2020  

We welcome Dr. Yuliya Dantsu to join our lab as the first researcher. Yuliya is from Belarus, and she'll work on the chemical syntheses of modified RNA molecules for aptamer selection. Welcome, Yuliya!

Dec. 2019  

Our lab is founded!

rotary evaporator

X-ray source

UV-vis spectrophotometer and temperature controller

300 MHz NMR

nanodrop and PCR

Mass Spectrometry

robotic system for crystallization